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From the past few years, it can be witnessed closely that the weddings have changed and couples demand ore from such events these days. They don’t want the traditional features of wedding and same can be seen in wedding photography as well. Most couples are not looking to opt for the candid wedding photography because it captures natural moments and emotions of the bride and groom which are memorable for lifetime. But it is important to know that candid wedding photography is much more than just setting your camera on people randomly and clicking pictures. One as a photographer needs to understand some of the elements that come with candid wedding photography to cover the event at its best. It is because of this we have come up with some tips for covering the perfect wedding.

Always be Ready

As a photographers job, it is your duty to ensure that you are always ready. This means that if you need to cover an event with candid pictures, you need to keep an eye out for the eye catching moments and capture them right away. Your camera needs to be ready in your hands and your eyes should be ready to notice such moments.

Knowing and Understanding your Equipment

It is very irksome for the clients when they see that the photographer has missed the not – to – be missed moment only because they were busy changing the camera settings. Being a photographer, one should always do their homework by understanding their gadgets and equipment beforehand so that they know what type of setting is required for the event and should immediately set it up when required.

Telephoto Zoom Lens

Candid photography is all about covering the beautiful moments of the wedding event and the bride and groom from a distance when nobody is observing the photographer. The best tool you require for this is to put your money in a telephoto zoom lens. This lens allows in seizing the moments in the most natural way and helps in maintaining the intimacy of picture that is being taken, which of course is the most important thing of a wedding photography Hunter Valley.

Avoid using Flash

Since candid photography is all about capturing moments without people noticing your or the camera, it is highly stressed upon that flash should not be used while capturing such pictures. Not only this, but capturing a picture with flash can be so boring and might actually ruin the quality of the picture as well.

Plan Ahead

Analyze the situation as to what may happen next and keep yourself ready for it to be captured. A candid wedding photographer has to be on toes all the time throughout the event.

How Can You Celebrate Your Child’s First Birthday

It does not matter whether this is your first child or the third. That is because celebrating a child’s first birthday is always a special occasion. We know that the child may not remember this day. But it would forever be etched on the minds of the parents. Thus, that is why you need to take the time to plan a proper celebration. 

Guest List 

We know that many of you want to plan a grand bash for your child’s first birthday. This means inviting everyone you know including a video production company BangkokBut you need to understand that babies are fearful of strangers. Therefore they would not have a great time if they are stuck in a room filled with strangers. 

Then having a video production agency Thailand would be useless. That is because the baby would be crying in all the pictures. Thus, that is why we are advising these parents to opt for an intimate affair. You can invite only those people that the child is comfortable with. Furthermore, when it is an intimate affair you would have time to spend with your child. This is very important because at the end of the day all the child wants is your undivided attention. 


As I mentioned earlier at the end of the day this party is for the parents and not the child. Therefore we understand that parents would wish to go overboard. But we don’t advise you to spend a fortune on the first birthday. Instead, try to create a budget before you begin any party planning. This would help you to restrict your spending. Furthermore, you would also be able to allocate your funds accordingly without spending everything on decorations.

Select a Time 

For a one-year-old, the most important thing in the world is nap time. Therefore when scheduling this party make sure to schedule it around nap time. That is because if the child is tired it would lead to crying and tantrums. Then the entire party would be pointless because you would not be able to take any great pictures.


When planning a party a considerable amount of party is normally spent at the venue. But when it comes to a first birthday party we recommend you to host the event at home. That is because this is an environment your child would be comfortable in. Therefore they are less likely to be scared and start crying. Furthermore, when it is hosted at your house it would be easier for you to keep it intimate.

If you follow these tips you can easily plan a great birthday party.

Through The Lens Of An Expert

Is the biggest day of your life just a few months away? Are you stressed out of the list of tasks left to do? Or if you have got everything in order and under controbest-videol? These are some of the questions that come to the mind of someone who is about to walk the isle in a few months. Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life. It is a day you want to remember forever and in a positive manner. No one wants anything to go wrong at that time or anywhere near to it. There are many things to consider such as the bridal retinue, attire, venue, transport, entertainment, food etc.

Photography and wedding videography magnetic island are must haves in a wedding. It is not complete without these two. It is through these that we recollect memories and the good times. One fine day after 5, 10 or 15 years, you will be sitting on your couch with your spouse and children watching your photos and videos of your special event and recalling all the incidents. It is what you will take on to show your next generation. The untold story of how you became a family.The current trend is to base videos on storylines. It is also combined with photography. The concept of pre shoot and post shoots including homecoming photos and videos are popular concepts. These are all taken using the latest technology in place.Wedding videography can be taken in a sophisticated manner using the drone technology. This gives a 360 degree view of the couple, bridal retinue and the location, which looks absolutely beautiful for anyone watching along. Popular locations such as beaches, hills, meadows are used to bring the beauty of nature to the frame. The combination forms a lovely duo, along with the couple glowing in the backdrop.

The frame can be brought to life by high technology in use.Now you have the opportunity to make use of the latest technology to bring life to your special occasion. This was not possible few years ago. But now it is and things keep moving so fast that you never know what tomorrow might offer you. Get in touch with a skilled photographer and videographer to make these memories last forever through the lens. You will appreciate this now and more so after ten or twenty years. So work on it now so that you can keep these memories with you for the rest of your life, sharing it with the people who matter the most. For more information, please click here.