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Party photo booth hire Brisbane is a great way to get some very candid shots of your guests, it is like they are taking selfies without having to hold a camera and we all know how some selfies turn out. A event photography in Melbourne is just that a booth you go into and sit or stand to have your photos taken, they will be shot out of a little slot in about sixteen seconds and you have a memento forever of that special event that you are at, not only do you get a copy of the strip of photos but your hosts do as well and depending on what package they went with when they hired the booth, they may have a photo album that all the strips can go into and you can write a personal message to them. You can go in the booth as many times as you like over the course of the evening, what this does mean is that you are going to end up with a heap of photos of the one or two people who love being in front of the camera and only a couple or none at all of some of your guests. Those that are camera shy and hate having their photo taken, the ones that hide their faces whenever a camera is pointed in their direction and we all know a few of those.

So don’t expect to see any photos of them from the night not unless someone has physically dragged them in there and then you might get a half picture of their face as they are trying to escape the booth but all in all it is a fun and novel piece of machinery to have at an event.There will tonnes of people who will enjoy mucking around in front of the camera and you may even get a few shots where they have all tried to pile in there at once. Generally you will only be able to get four in the booth at once and that is if they are considered to be slim, so two and a half if the chubby train is on the move. There are all sorts of props that come with the booths and these can be hired for an extra fee, there will be fake moustaches, wigs, funny noses the usual classy humour but the more the drinks flow the more likely you are to see sedate, quiet people clowning around with weird apparatus on their faces. The only thing you don’t want to see on the strips is where two people forget they are in a photo booth and start making out, this is why you usually get and attendant or two that come with the booth. It makes sure everyone gets a go and no one hogs the booth and that all the behaviour is to have a perfect event photography, plus they don’t want to have to clean up mysterious stains. Keep it PG. 

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