Planning Out An In House Magazine

Today is just another day for you in the office. You report to work and get down to attending to your daily work routine when your boss calls you into his room. He tells you that he has decided to start an in house magazine and that he wants you to be in charge of the magazine. You are thrilled and surprised at the same time because you didn’t expect your boss to land something like this on your head. However since you are a person who has always liked to take up a challenge you agree to undertake the job. Your boss brings in the rest of his staff and briefs them on what needs to be done with regard to the in house magazine and instructs them to give you their support to get the job done. Your boss tells you that the magazine has to come out every three months and that you have to make sure that all deadlines are met.

High quality magazine

He also tells you that you need to find a good printing service in Sydney because he wants a high quality magazine that customers will be interested in reading. He also tells you that the magazine has to have at least 200 pages and that the matter that has to go into these pages will be given to you. So all you have to do is get the proof reading done and ensure that there are no mistakes when the magazine is sent for publishing.

Check online

You are happy at the thought that you will have less work on your hands and you have to only coordinate the work of the in house magazine. However you have to now find a good picture framing service that will give you a high quality finish. So you get online and start browsing the internet to check what your options are. You come across many companies that offer such facilities to their discerning customers. Many of these companies have also mentioned what type of work they have done in the past and the names of their popular clients. So now that you have chosen the company of your choice all you have to do is show them a copy of a dummy and get them to handle the work for you.

Finally on your way

You inform your boss of the company you have picked for the in house magazine and your boss gives his approval. So you sit down at office one day and start planning out the work required for the in house magazine. The artworks are finally done and all the articles are in and you are finally on your way to putting out your company’s first in house magazine.

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